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Rat & Rodent Pest Control

It’s amazing how resilient pests can be when they decide that your home has become theirs, hence, comes the time to engage for rat & rodent pest control services. At Premier 1 Pest Control, we specialise in purging your premises of all unwanted guests including mice, rats and other rodents commonly found in Australia.

If you have a rodent problem, you also have a problem with their faeces — the droppings they leave behind contain harmful bacteria and viruses such as Salmonella and Hantavirus. Keeping your family safe from these nasty pests requires a professional touch, which is where the knowledge and expertise of our team comes in.

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Fast and efficient response

We work during the week, after hours and on the weekend so that you always have someone on call for insect and rodent control on the Sunshine Coast. We guarantee a fast, clean and safe service that eliminates the problem at its core and produces a lasting result.

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Engage our rodent control services to exterminate mice and rats and keep your family safe. Contact the experienced team from Premier1 on 0450 92 411 or through our enquiry form to get a free quote. We also take care of cockroaches, ants and other insects.

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How to get rid of rats

The most common rodents on the Sunshine Coast are house mice, roof rats and the bigger Norwegian rats. To keep your home free from infestation, follow our tips:

  1. Empty bins every night.
  2. Use airtight containers to store food and don’t leave food out overnight.
  3. Stop vermin from breeding by reducing moisture around the house; fix leaking pipes and unclog drains. Absorb moisture with a dehumidifier and use fans to increase ventilation.
  4. Keep the environment uncluttered, especially floors and countertops.
  5. Seal any holes or crevices that may serve as entry points
  6. Have the professionals from Premier1 come to your home and make personalised recommendations to protect your property.

Even if you follow these preventative steps, rat control is often too much to handle on your own. We can always identify the problem at its core and have any pests gone for good — simply trying to deal with them as they appear will not be enough to remove an infestation. Our team also offers pre-purchase inspections so that you get an accurate appraisal of a property before you consider buying.

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