Premier1 Pest Control located on the Sunshine Coast is committed to keeping your family home safe and pest free. We offer a complimentary at home consultation to identify your pest problem – just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there!


Insects and pests are very good at hiding during the day and coming out at night to spread harmful germs and diseases around your home. Queensland is a high-risk area for some of the sneakiest, most dangerous pests in the world. It’s important to get your house treated every year to prevent any unwanted infestations.

Sunshine Coast Termite Treatment

The Termite Terminator

Premier1 Pest Control has a specialised Termite Treatment because if there is one thing termite’s love it’s the warm, damp Sunshine Coast climate. Learn the warning signs that termites are eating your home and what Premier1 Pest Control can do to stop them.


No More Ants

Where there’s one, there’s thousands – making ants the hardest of all insects to control. If you have Ants, a professional Premier1 treatment will get rid of them. Stop ants from coming back by learning to avoid their favourite things.

spider pest control sunshine coast

Eliminate Spiders

The most feared of creepy crawlies, spiders hide during the day and hunt at night when all their insect friends are out to play. Keep your home and yard safe spider free with a Premier1 Pest Control treatment and our spider safety tips.



Premier1 Pest Control services the entire Sunshine Coast region and offers a competitive rate for our safe, clean & fast annual pest control solution. Need a guarantee? If they come back, we come back! Book Now >

Premier1 are the pest control experts on the Sunshine Coast.


Get Rid of Rodents

Premier1 Pest Control guarantees an effective rodent control solution. Rodents don’t make good houseguests; they carry the most diseases of all pests and will create damage to your property. Read our tips to prevent rodents from moving into your home.


Clear out the Cockroaches

There is nothing worse than stepping on a cockroach in your own home. The problem is cockroaches’ love living on the Sunshine Coast just as much as you do. Find out how to get rid of cockroaches once and for all!