Most Frequently Asked Questions


HELP I have found termites!



Ok so you have found termites in your home its ok your home will not immediately fall down.


Cover them back over dont spray them or take down the wall. Termites like the dark so by allowing the light to contact them they will run  in all directions making them harder to track.


When i arrive on site i will identify the species access the situation for the best way to eradicate them from your home. 21 days after i will revisit your home free of charge to confirm they have all gone  we can then discuss the best way of keeping them out of your home for good.


How do i know if i might have termites in my home?


There are several ways the termites might sow themselves. Walls may become stained damp to touch or you might feel a bump in the plaster.


You may notice that timber door frames etc dont feel or look quite right.





How can I see if I have termites?

A couple of tell signs that you may have termites in your home are :
~  Maybe you have spotted a damp patch on the wall maybe it has a bump or slightly dsicoloured .
~  Does your window frame have a section that looks just a little different to the others
~  Are there piles of what looks like sawdust on your floors
~  Outside can you see what looks like tree roots running up the bottom part of your house These could be termite leads


How will you get the termites out of my home will they come back?


There are a couple of ways of getting the termites out of your home. If they are in your walls then i would spray a foam into the wall cavities this would touch the mudding in the walls and therefore the termites will make contact with this and pass it amongst themselves before dying off.


If they are in timber frames etc i would inject a powder into the timber . The powder travels along the termite workings slowly killing the termites off.


These processes are designed to get the termites out of your home only it is not a termite barrier.  A barrier should be installed once the termites are out of your home.


How safe are the chemicals you use?


The chemicals we use are made from  natural products.


Do I have to empty my cupboards ?


No we don’t spray anything in cupboards we use a gel so this can be put exactly where we want it it does not come in to contact with food and plates etc.


What if it is raining on the day?


Then we will make a decision on the day some products can still be used in the rain.


I can hear noises in the roof can you take a look ?


Of  course we can. It could be as simple as birds scratching on the roof. But could be a rodent or a possum.

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