Sunshine Coast cockroach removal fact: Queensland is a high-risk area.
Sunshine Coast cockroach removal fact: these pests spread germs through their droppings.

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Cockroach Removal on the Sunshine Coast

No one likes discovering unwanted guests as they crawl out of the cracks and crevices of your home. Trying to take cockroach removal into your own hands can seem impossible, as the combination of resilience and overwhelming numbers makes your efforts futile.

The best method for cockroach pest control is to locate and kill the queen. This is only possible by applying a specially formulated solution directly to their nest. Unfortunately, jumping on them one at a time won’t work.

To make sure they are gone for good we will infect the visible pests with the treatment solution so when they return to the nest, they will infect and kill any eggs and stop further infestation.

Premier1 Pest Control also conducts pre-purchase inspections to assess the presence or risk of any infestations of cockroaches, rodents and other nasties in a property before you buy to give you peace of mind.

Cockroach pest control

Why are there cockroaches in your home?

Cockroaches are attracted to warm moist areas, which is why they are right at home in the humidity of the Sunshine Coast. Obviously they love mess, so a sure way to attract them is dirty floors and surfaces, dirty dishes and leaving food out. Even if your house is clean, these professional hitchhikers will often make their way into your home in bags, packages or potted plants.

Cockroaches may also be coming in through pipes, open doors or gaps between window frames — they are great at hiding and at first you may not even know they are there. Prevention treatments work best as it won’t take them long to emit a scent that attracts their friends.

How to prevent a cockroach infestation

It’s pretty embarrassing to have pests running around your beautiful home. Here are five tips for cockroach control on the Sunshine Coast:

  1. Fix any water leaks! Cockroaches feed off moisture, which is why you will often find them in the bathroom and behind the dishwasher.
  2. Degrease your kitchen. They can smell cooking grease a mile away – and they love it. Wipe down your cooktop and splash back after every use.
  3. Clean your floors regularly. Vacuum all the little crumbs away and mop over with a vinegar and water solution – pests will hate it!
  4. Put a lid on it. Cover your food and your rubbish bin, both are irresistible for unwanted guests.
  5. Get a Premier1 Annual Pest Control Treatment!