21 Apr Pest Control in Pelican Waters

Affordable pest control services & effective termite treatment for Pelican Waters homes and businesses

If you need pest control services in Pelican Waters, Premier1 Pest Control can help you. If you discover that your house has termites, stay calm and do not panic! Too often, the reason why pests and termites come out of their hiding place immediately after being discovered—it’s because we panic right away, we grab the pesticide and spray it all over the place. This should not be the case and we suppose that it is important for homeowners and business owners to know that calling an expert pest technician like Premier1 Pest Control is necessary.


Why do you need to call for pest control service or exterminator?


  • We have the knowledge and we are capable of answering all your questions related to pests.
  • We use the right tools; we have the right equipment and chemicals.
  • All our staff are trained, licensed and equipped to handle different pest issues.
  • We guarantee 100% effectiveness of our pest control services.
  • We know exactly how to deal with your pest problems at home and we can get them all exterminated.


The presence of pests can be annoying and so we want to be of help to you by providing our services. We use methods that are effective but have low health and environment risks. We always take into consideration the safety of our clients and their pets at home.


Call Premier1 Pest Control anytime when you need our assistance and we will be on our way to help you.

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